Our spokespeople

Teun van Leijsen - Founder & CPO

After some experimenting with the seat heating of his car, Teun founded Stoov in 2014. By doing so, Teun left the gray-colored banking environment in which he had spent the first years of his career behind and entered the brightly-coloured world of heated cushions. It has always been Teun’s dream to found his own company and use his entrepreneurial drive for the better. Nonetheless, founding and growing Stoov hasn’t been easy. Along the way, Teun had to change strategy several times, shifting his focus from the B2B hospitality market to the B2B consumer market. 

Teun is determined to flip the way we warm by efficiently warming people with infrared technology, rather than the space around them. Furthermore, he is passionate about product innovations and making an impact, that’s also why he guides Stoov on its journey to become a B Corp. 

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Niek Veendrick - CEO

Niek became Stoov’s CEO in 2022. Considering Nieks’ former role as an investor in Stoov, his extensive experience in e-commerce and the strong bond he already had with Teun, he was the perfect candidate. Niek guides the company on its journey towards international growth and goal to warm 100 million people. One of the main challenges that Niek helps the company to deal with is the seasonality of our product, causing our sales to be heavily dependent on for example the weather and gas prices. Importantly, Niek ensures that our business model remains agile, so we can adapt to the ever-evolving world, as we spread the warmth of Stoov.

Ilse van Loon - Director Brand & Communications

Ilse, who is the Brand & Communications Director at Stoov, is the creative force behind our brand's identity. With a keen sense of style and a determined mind, she challenges the company to create its very own track. Her extensive experience with advertising, marketing, branding and design makes her a true expert in her field who encourages her colleagues to always have an opinion and not rely on existing methods for success. With her consumer-centered approach she makes sure that Stoov remains the leader in its category. Ilse's creative approach to communication is shaping the way we connect with our audience, ensuring that Stoov remains a beacon of warmth in the world of home comfort.

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Alwin Snippe - Commercial Director

Alwin, Stoov’s Commercial Director, is the driving force behind our sales, customer care, CRM, and performance marketing efforts. With a deep-seated passion for data-driven success, he finds motivation in watching our sales figures soar. Alwin brings a wealth of e-commerce experience to the table, which he gained at Wehkamp and Greetz, allowing him to increase Stoov’s scalability for both the B2B and B2C market. With his positive energy and entrepreneurial mindset, Alwin ensures that our customers receive the warmth and care they deserve, while driving Stoov's growth to new heights through strategic, data-backed decisions.

Caroline Holtgrefe - Product Designer

Stoov's dedicated Product Designer Caroline, has a great knowledge of fabrics, an innate flair for harmonious color palettes, and an in-depth understanding of the innovative infrared technology at the heart of Stoov. Caroline therefore plays an important role in developing our products. She also serves as our trend-compass, expertly translating emerging trends into fresh, captivating concepts that embody the very essence of Stoov. As one of our most tenured team members, her enduring dedication has played a pivotal role in shaping the distinctive character of our brand.

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