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Embrace outdoor comfort with Stoov heated cushions! Stay cozy wherever you roam and make the most of every outdoor moment, even on chilly evenings.


Outdoor heating cushions for the garden

Stoov’s outdoor cushions make evenings in your garden extra comfortable. We all know that wonderful feeling after a sunny day. But unfortunately, at night it can cool down quite a bit and then you get cold. Our outdoor chair cushions offer the perfect solution to enjoy your garden for hours more. Plus, they add a touch of cheer to your outdoor space and on your outdoor furniture, with different colours and fabrics. Stay warm ánd stylish in your garden!


Take it outside

All Stoov heating products are designed with a clever wireless design, allowing you to enjoy between 1.5 hours and 6 hours of warmth wherever you go with a full battery. This convenient design allows you to take your Stoov with you wherever you go. It’s your ideal outdoor chair cushion for on the terrace, in the garden, on the boat or while camping. Just put your Stoov on your chair or bench. Want to enjoy it a bit longer? Then take an extra battery with you!


Special outdoor cushions: extra strong

Our outdoor cushions are specially designed to thrive in the outdoors. With their fresh, cheerful spring colours, they add a beautiful touch to your garden or balcony. No need to worry, as they can be treated fairly roughly. The fabric is extra sturdy and offers protection against water, stains and UV rays. Despite its robust nature, the fabrics also feel wonderfully soft. 

Ready for all adventures thanks to washable cover

Almost all Stoov cushion covers are machine washable. So you don't have to worry about stains on your Stoov. Whether you take your outdoor chair cushion into the garden, on a boat trip, or use it while camping, our heat pads are ready for all adventures. To be sure, check the specifications of your chosen fabric.