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Health & Wellbeing

Cordless design heated cushions and blankets with infrared technology that not only look nice (and are wonderfully soft), but also save energy!

Ultimate relaxation with our heat blankets

The Big Hug offers warmth to completely warm your back and shoulders. This allows you to stay relaxed and comfortable while working, without that annoying backache. This blanket fits effortlessly over your office chair, keeping you nice and warm.

And when the working day is over, the Huge Hug is ready to offer you optimal relaxation on the sofa. You crawl under the blanket, onto the sofa and feel the infrared heat embrace your whole body, making all the tension of the day disappear like snow in the sun.

Relieve aches with a heat pad

All our heat products use smart infrared technology. This advanced radiation penetrates into your body, offering relaxation. The powerful Far InfraRed radiation brings numerous benefits to relieve various aches and pains. Think stiff neck and back muscles, sore feet and stomach cramps - your well-earned relaxation.

A glimpse into the world of infrared heating 

Infrared heating is an invisible radiation, felt throughout your body but invisible to the naked eye. It does not heat the air around you, but it does directly heat objects and people. This is the big difference from traditional heating, which actually warms the air.

Let's dive a little deeper into this. You see, Far InfraRed does just that: it penetrates deep into your muscles and sets your molecules in motion. This movement generates heat. Due to its long wavelength, this heat penetrates deep into your body, gradually warming you from the inside out. In our heat pads, we connect carbon fibres with low tension, creating vibrations in the deep infrared range. This quickly raises the temperature to a pleasant 42 degrees Celsius. So a wonderfully relaxed neck, back and shoulders with the heat pads!