The newest interior trends

Looking for new inspiration for your home? Then let yourself be inspired by the newest interior trends. Colors, shapes and materials are definitely involved!

The teddy revolution

You've been seeing them in fashion for a while now, but now they're also appearing more and more in your own four walls: Teddy fabrics! After coats and bags, it is now the turn of sofas and cushions. The ultra-soft teddy fabrics are extremely soft and fluffy. Indispensable for autumn and winter days. The teddy also fits in well with the emerging Scandinavian trend. A trend where minimalist, functional and cosy aesthetics come together.

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The joy of colour

Does your living room need a refresh? Then colour accessories are perfect. Are you looking for more peace and harmony? Then earth tones are the solution. They give your home a natural and calming feeling. Perfect if you already have other eye-catching furniture. If your home lacks a bit of energy, bright (pop) colours could be the solution. This can be in large pieces of furniture or just in smaller details. You'll see a lot of colour blocking in the coming year: Two striking colours that together make your living environment even more beautiful. Think of the combination of green with pink or orange with blue: colours that can enhance each other and make your home more of a whole.


More and more technology in the home has been a trend for years. Think of a refrigerator that connects to a shopping list. Or a smart heating programme that lets you turn all your heating on or off remotely. To keep your home from turning into a techy environment, these days there are tech products that are also stylish. Stoov heating pads are a good example of this. They look good and provide warmth at the same time!

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Old and new

New trends = buy new? That's certainly not necessary. Renovating old furniture and giving it a new look is the ideal solution to still create a new look at home. Or combine old and new furniture, change the colour and fabric of your cushion. Little tricks and a sustainable way to keep up with current trends without buying a lot of new products.

Organic forms

A trend that already started last year, but will definitely continue to grow next year, is organic shapes. Furniture and home decoration in round and organic shapes combined with straight elements. Think of a round sofa with straight cushions on it, a round dining table with straight elements, chairs and table decorations. A trend that really brings dynamism into your interior.

Translating trends into products

These trends are great, but how can you implement them in your living room? The Woolly fits the teddy trend perfectly. A Ploov for the sofa or a Big Hug for the chair to make it even more comfortable. For a colour-blocking effect on the sofa, Velvet Ploovs are ideal. Think yellow combined with blue or another colour that matches the rest of the interior. For a more organic look, earth tones are the perfect option. To bring this to the sofa or another place in the house, the colours Army Green and Camel from the Knitted series are a good choice.

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