We can't wait to share this amazing news with you: WE WARM ONE MILLION PEOPLE! Yes, you read it right, Stoov warms 1 million Chilly Billies!

1 million warm moments

A moment of joy for our team. Not only are we celebrating our success, but we also realize the enormous impact we've had on the daily lives of so many people. And that truly makes our team mega proud and happy! Keep sharing these warm moments with us on social media and tag us!

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We warm people, not the planet

Our mission at Stoov has always been to bring warmth where it's needed. We're not only celebrating the warmth we've provided to you but also the impact we've made for our planet! By warming 1,000,000 Chilly Billies in a planet friendly way.

10 years of Stoov

Wow, what an incredible journey it has been! We have now successfully warmed up a million Chilly Billies, and next year we will be celebrating Stoov's 10th anniversary. We are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming year, which we are sure will be filled with beautiful memories and many successes.

Upcoming highlight

One of the highlights of the coming year will be the B Corp certification, which represents a significant acknowledgement of the impact we have made so far (see our impact report here). We are proud to reflect on our journey, starting from the humble beginning where Teun began repairing a broken car seat heater, and who would have thought that ten years later, we would be winning awards! However, we are far from done and are excited about our anniversary year, which we are sure will be full of special moments.

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At Stoov, we're not just about celebrating successes; we also strive for responsible business practices. The almost-B Corp status confirms our commitment to ethical business and creating a positive impact on the world.

We are definitely not done yet

We want to thank you immensely for the 1,000,000 warm moments, but we're far from done. On to next year, a year full of new highlights. We're so glad that you're part of the journey Stoov has had, but we're not stopping yet. Keep sharing your images with us, and don't forget to tag us. Also, continue spreading the Stoov spirit; together, we make a difference – we warm people, not the planet. We are proud of you, our Stoov community!

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Visiting the 1 millionth customer!

We've reached the impressive milestone of serving 1 million customers, and it calls for a celebration! We cannot let this milestone pass by without acknowledging it. Along with the Ploov you ordered, Teun brought a little something extra personally. It was amazing to witness your reaction to the Stoov, especially since it was your first purchase! The surprised faces when the door opened were fantastic. We appreciate the warm welcome from the de Grunt family and hope you enjoy your Stoov products. Let’s continue moving forward towards the 100 millionth milestone!