How to welcome guests for winter festivities

Hosting can be a fine balance between what makes a special moment or breaks it. So, let’s take a look at what it takes to be the perfect host—to think about all the different ways to prepare for any festivity and keep everyone happy at this chilly time of year.

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A Culinary Journey in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of our festivities. While preparing delightful dishes, you enjoy sharing your passion for cooking with your guests. A clever move is using Stoov heated cushions on the kitchen chairs. This allows the guests to not only relish the aromas but also relax and embrace the warmth of the moment. As you finalize the last preparations.

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Hosting without boasting

Nobody wants to show off about wasting money(not ever!) Warm and cosy in many cases can mean bigger winter bills. So, turn down the thermostat even when you are having guests and let them snuggle up to a Stoov instead. Because turning down the thermostat by a degree will save money and show you care for the environment in the process.

Host it. Stoov it.

Avoid those Chilly Billy moments. Simply place a warm Stoov out for your guests to keep them toastie (for example in a wooden basket with a personal note on it). Whether outdoors with a One heating pad or a cosy Hug heating blanket on a chair, there’s no better way to host your guests and keep them warm.

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Keep them cosy—here’s how:

Inviting and warm candlelight always creates a cozy atmosphere. For an extra dose of comfort, you can place Hug heating pads on the dining room chairs. Or, when the evening moves to the living room, provide some Homeys and Ploovs on the couch for additional warmth and comfort.