What is far infrared heating?

What is far infrared heating?

What is infrared heating?

If you love to learn about technical features, you will love this part of our products! In all our heating products, we use infrared warmth…but what is that exactly?

Let us start with the easy explanation:

Infrared heating is the healing power of light. It is a kind of electromagnetic radiation that is invisible to the naked eye, but the heat can be felt all around your body. Basically, it is the perfect source of warmth therapy. Infrared heat is more common than most people realise. Think about regular household appliances such as the microwave, a lamp or a toaster.

There are several kinds of infrared heating, but the one you feel while using a Stoov® product is called the Far Infrared, or shortly FIR. FIR can penetrate so deeply into the body that it has multiple health benefits. Researchers have found that far-infrared heating improves blood circulation, reduces pain, releases joint stiffness, it strengthens the cardiovascular system, reduces inflammation and revitalises skin.  

Ok, now it gets more complicated.
By connecting infrared heat mats from carbon fibre to low voltage, the Stoov® heating products create vibrations within the infrared wavelengths. This way it delivers an instantly pleasant warmth, up to 42 ⁰C. Side note: with low heating costs!
Far infrared wavelengths are longer than visible light waves. The human eye cannot see the infrared range of light, but we can feel it because it generates heat. When you use FIR, your body temperature will rise, while the environment around you feels cold. This creates a soothing and relaxing feeling because they produce warming effects from the inside out, whereas a traditional heating pad works from the outside in and rarely penetrates far enough to be beneficial. 

Furthermore, traditional heating pads can stay hot all the time, which increases the risk of burns or fire. Our products have a built-in timer and thermostat that prevents the heating pad from overheating. It also automatically shuts down when you don’t use it.

So, is Stoov® more than just a pretty pillow? I guess it is safe to say: ‘Yes!’